A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Personal/Pole

I have no idea if anyone is interested in hearing about my spine. But it matters a lot to me, as yours probably does to you. Here's the doctor's-eye view.

This is a report by a radiologist for my chiropractor. All I understand from it is that most of my spine has arthritis, much of it is twisted or mis-aligned from its ideal configuration, and many of the vertebrae are functionally immobile.

Four of the middle vertebrae of my neck have been functionally frozen in place by muscle inactivity probably my whole life long. I've spent a couple years learning to move those bones, using muscles I never knew I owned and feeling a whole palette of unfamiliar sensations.

I've always had a sore lower back, probably because I've never had sensory awareness of the "inner core" muscles (psoas and transverse absominus) so necessary to stabilize that region. In essence, I could feel sore muscles on the back of my spine, but don't feel any corresponding muscles on the front which might stretch out the back ones. I've spend years of yoga and pole trying to discover and use those "lower abs," and am still trying. But it's definitely getting better.